Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's been pretty exciting here today.

Late this afternoon, while on the phone with one of the ladies that orders milk with us, we lost power.  Since the sun was on it's way down, it was pretty dark in the upstairs hallway and in the stairway.  The power was blinking off an on, some of the girls were hollering "I can't see!", and I was trying to yell over everyone to the older girls to turn the AC/Heat pump controllers off, while running through the house to get to the breaker box in the garage.  You see, we've had electric panels in AC units fry when that has happened before - I don't want a repeat.  After the power blinked off the last time, the girls lit every candle we had, and we sat around and discussed what we were going to do about supper.  When we talked about possibly going out, hubby tried to pick on us by telling us we were trapped since the van was in the garage and the door was down.  We had to let him in on the fact that we are well acquainted  with how to disengage the automatic opener so that it can be opened manually.   Enough of us were talking at the same time, that he never got around to asking us why we knew that.  We ended up deciding to have pizza delivered.  When I called in to ask about their menu, the very nice lady on the other end suggested (midway through) that I could look it all up online - Nope, sorry, no power = no internet.  We were both laughing before I hung up.

The next little bit of excitment may not be all that exciting for anyone else, but it was for me.  We are putting in our first co-op order for grain, and other organic food.  Yay!!!  I've wanted to do this kind of thing for so long, but I guess no one else in this county is interested in eating well - okay, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but it has sure seemed like it every time I've tried to find out about co-oping.  I go to church in a different county, and one of the ladies there does co-ops, so I have my first opportunity to get a decent deal on grain.  I wanted to order all kinds of things, but I tried to be good, and not order a bunch of stuff that I can't put in the cabinets.  I'll try to start getting some buckets, or other containers that will hold big quantities of things like beans and rice, but it will take time to do it all.  Plus, I could just see hubby looking at, oh, 100lbs of rice, or something, and going berserk.  I did order a total of 100lbs of grain, but he's seen fairly nice size quantities of that before, and right now he's just tickled that he's not having to pay more for shipping than the grain costs per pound.

Now I can go plan on some baking for this week - no more rationing my grain, since my order will be in soon.  Yay!!! 

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  1. I got to eat my pizza, but sadly the power turned back on before I could eat it in the candle light! :(