Saturday, December 19, 2009


We've had a rare, before Christmas snow!  Not that it's going to hang around until Christmas, but still - it's snow!  We seldom get snow before January and Feburary, actually, we seldom get snow at all; ice and sleet are more common.  There are years we don't get any, and there are years where we get just enough to really irritate the kids - the kind where I won't let them go out, because while there is, technically, snow on the ground, there's just enough to make a really big, muddy mess.  Then there are those rare (and I think much more appreciated because of their rarity) years where we get one or two really nice snows. 

This is what our yard looked like late yesterday.
There are three swings, but the girls are constantly
tucking two of them out of the way so they can spin
around on the one in the middle.

Self explanatory; the deck. It was snowing in
both of these shots, but it's kind of hard to tell.

This morning.

It rained and sleeted some more after the snow
last night, so there's a layer of ice on top.
That's pretty common for around here, and
certainly doesn't keep the kids from playing in it.

When one of your darling daughters steps in a
hole, the ice layer becomes more apparent.

Pictures like these, of ice coating everything,
are much easier to get around here.

A particulary pretty little spot in the stand of
trees behind our house.

And finally (for those of you who are used to seeing
snow, I'm sure you're glad I'm about done), this is a
shot of the back of our house.  Aren't the clouds
beautiful in this picture?

Once they were all back in the house, Kay made hot chocolate.  She opened a new gallon of milk and poured it in the pot before shaking it up, so ALL the nummy (as T.Lynn likes to say) cream got in there.  It was sooo good!

We'll go and try to dry the girls coats and mittens, so they can at least get one more shot at the snow before it all melts.  It's already above freezing and water is dripping from everywhere, so there's only so much time before everything is, yet again, one big muddy mess - that will freeze tonight and start the whole process of melting and freezing again tomorrow.


  1. That's not fair.... we didn't get anything but rain! haha! Send some snow this way!!!
    Love ya!

  2. I'd love to send it to you, but then I'd just have to drive through it on Tues.

  3. We don't ever, ever get snow so bring on the snow pics. The place looks lovely!