Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ever wonder what happens when you play tag in a long (brand new-you know, it would HAVE to be brand new) skirt?

This is what happens.  Of course, I was informed
that she didn't step on her own skirt - the one
chasing her stepped on it.   Well, perhaps we
should wear one of our older, already worse-
for-wear skirts when we plan on running around
outside.  (But mom, we weren't planning on running
around - it just happened.)

Thankfully, it mended nicely.  Mostly the
lace was just torn from the skirt, but even
the parts that were a little shredded came
back together with just a little effort.
All things consisdered though, this was a much
easier mend than the one that got caught in the 
 bicycle chain.  As if the holes aren't bad enough,
you have all that grease to get out too.


  1. Look what a great mom you are for mending that skirt! At least they were just playing tag. My most recent sewing patch-up was 'cuz he stuck a knife through his jeans. Not into his flesh, mind you, just the jeans. Kids!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Just wondering if that's the one that has that huge knife hanging off his hip all the time.
    Glad there was no flesh involved!