Sunday, November 29, 2009

Murphy's Law and Cinnamon Candy

I'm sure some of you are bound to know about Murphy's Laws.  The biggie, of course, being, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.", and  I don't where I picked up the second part, but I like it, " the worst possible time."  Now, apply that rule to a child, sneaking a "hot" cinnamon candy disc, in a moving vehicle, and there you have it - my morning.  Now, you may start by wondering how I knew what would fix this situation, so I'll start my story with what happened a few days ago. 
My dear hubby likes candy.  I should probably say, he loves candy, so when we were at a store early last week, he picked up one bag each of butterscotch discs and cinnamon discs.  He had not really expected the younger children to like the cinnamon discs because they were hot, so when he found out they did, he brought the candy to the kitchen (he usually keeps a stash in our bedroom), and told the girls they were welcome to it.  Probably should have worded that differently, because I found them eating it in the car Friday afternoon(they had brought some along in a little purse - and no, we weren't shopping - we were returning borrowed tables).  About the time I realized they had it, Murphy's law rears it's head.   T.Lynn bounced on the seat, swallowing whole the piece she had in her mouth.  It took all of 3 seconds before she started crying.  What, may I ask, do you do to help that?  She described it as burning, so I drove to the nearest convenience store and bought some Tums.  I really wanted Pepto, because I thought it coating her stomach would help insulate against the cinnamon oil, but all we had was Tums and some water, so we gave it a try.  She said it helped a little, and since we were close to home, I got there as quick as I could, thinking we had Pepto in the medicine cabinet.  In rolls the second appearance of Murphy's law - we didn't have any.  Okay - what do I do now?  She is still pretty uncomfortable, so I tried out the Mylanta Grandma keeps on hand.  It worked, much to everyone's relief, and she voluntarily handed over the other piece of cinnamon candy she had.  I mistakenly assumed it would be awhile before she would ever eat cinnamon candy again.
Fast forward to this morning.  We were pushing it, slipping out the door in just enough time to get there and get our lunch in the kitchen before services started.  No time for ANYTHING else so, of course, we have another run in with Murphy's law.  We weren't very far from the house when someone shouted that T. had swallowed another piece of cinnamon candy whole.  I still had the Tums from Friday, but they were buried somewhere in my purse.  It took a few minutes to find them, and get them to her, but hey, they helped some last time, and we'd pass a convenience store in just a couple of minutes if she needed something more.  (We're okay - we'll only be a few min. late.)  This time the Tums didn't do a thing - I guess the other piece was smaller, and she had just put this one in her mouth.  The convenience store was not very convenient (they haven't been since the lottery was passed), so by the time we got the Pepto, we were going to be at least 15-20min. late.  We weren't on the highway very long before she started crying again.  The Pepto wasn't working, so I head for the next exit.  I stoped for a second to add everything up.  From there, we'd be more than 20min. late, and we still needed to go by a store to buy some Mylanta (and I really don't need anymore of it), so I decided to just go back home.  By this time, all I've really done is drive in a great big circle.  I have to admit that the first thing I did when I got there was to throw away all the cinnamon candy, then I got her the Mylanta.  We also had a discussion about sneaking candy. 
Our church is quite a bit away from us, and starts at 10:00, so by the time it was all said and done, we still had time to surprise my step-mom by showing up at her church for their annual "Hanging of the Greens" service.   Afterward, she invited us home, Dad cooked us a delicious meal, and we got to visit for awhile.  So, things did end up well, but I won't buy cinnamon candy again - probably ever.   


  1. Alas, well acquainted with Murphy's Law! Plenty of Irish in me.
    Glad it all ended up well.

  2. Oh goodness! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with that...
    Love ya!

  3. probably a good decision, since the little one is determined to eat them! I think they need to make cinnamon flavor pepto tablets, and you'd kill two birds with one stone.

  4. Organizing Mommy - I didn't deleate your comment. I hit publish, and it said it did, and then it went away. Maybe it'll come back later, it did with one other person last week. And cinnamon Pepto - I love it.