Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can You Have A What?

I was sitting here, in the workroom (computer & printer tables, school cart, bookcases, sewing machines (on tables), ironing board - you name it) trying to catch up my reading on some of my favorite blogs, and T.Lynn joined me.  She was/is sitting quietly on the floor with my pin cushion, taking out all the straight pins and organizing them by color.  From time to time all of my children have done this.  I have long straight pins with bright, multi-colored heads, and the children have loved pulling them all out to organize them by color, or make patterns, or, in Bree's case, "draw" with the pins, forming them into grapes, bananas, chili peppers, rainbows (Beenie did the rainbow thing too), whateverWell, we were all sitting there (Ri was reading over my shoulder, as she is inclined to do) when T. announced that she was organizing my pins for me.  Me - "Thank you.", and I turn back around to the computer. T.Lynn - "Can I have a dollar?"  My mind - "Can you have a what?", to Ri I whispered, "They wouldn't need to be organized if she had left them in the pin cushion."  Basically, all I told T. was that I wasn't paying her a dollar.  But my mind still wants to say, "Really?  You want me to pay you a dollar for cleaning up a mess you made?"  Again I say - Children!


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