Monday, November 2, 2009

Pretty Normal

With the exception of Grandma not being here, today was pretty normal.  Well, that means that when I went out to take the recycling to the box site and make a quick stop in the grocery store, the two littlest and the neighbor girls turned the garage into their own play house.  I couldn't even pull the van in until it was cleaned up.  I should have gotten pictures, but I really just wanted it cleaned up, and, of course, to get the refrigerated stuff put away.  Not really on top of my game today anyway.  School pretty much consisted of Bible study, music, and home ec.  If you ever feel bad about only accomplishing that much for school you should read, "When You Rise Up" by R.C. Sproul Jr.  I can't say it bothered me, but hey, some would think I was remiss in my duties.
Grandma is holding her own.  The infection was caused by a staph bacteria, but it is responding to treatment.  She has developed a secondary problem of fluid being retained around her heart and lungs, but they've given her an IV treatment of Lasix in addition to the oral she already takes, and they'll check tomorrow to see if that is helping.  I got to speak with her for a moment today, and other than being tired she still says that she feels okay, and she is eating well (a very good sign for her).  The fluid retention is going to delay her recovery a bit, and I'm begining to be concerned about her losing strength the longer she has to be in bed, but we'll just have to see how long she'll be down before we'll know anything more definate.  I would love it if she recovered quickly enough to come straight home and not have to go to the rehab center for awhile. 
I think I'll close my day with a cup of hot tea and a book (I have so many to chose from).


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