Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'd love to post about, well just about anything, but Ri was kind enough to share the cold she had last week with some of us.  All the pics Ri took on Monday will just have to wait.  I managed to do my cousin's tutoring (only because he had to miss last week and his test is in a few weeks - and because he was willing to risk getting sick), but Ri oversaw school for the younger girls and even took Beenie in for her guitar lesson (I didn't want to share with her teacher).  Kay did the housework and cooked supper.  Thanks girls!
I do try to use herbs as much as possible to treat just about anything, but I've got to be honest, when night time rolls around - bring on the NyQuil!


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  1. Awww - Thanks a lot Ri! LOL - I am sure she didn't mean to give it to you...
    But then again it is Ri!
    I love you both!
    Feel better soon!