Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guitar Lessons

Before I tell you about Beenie's newest thing, I wanted to say that I stole an idea from Ri today and set up a section on my side bar that will hold updates on Grandma.
Now, on to Beenie's big day.  Today was the first day for her guitar lessons.  She was so nervous she didn't eat much for lunch, so she was starving once it was all over with.  Her teacher is very nice.  He explained things well and she was picking it all up very quickly.  Hubby bought her the foot stool the teacher wanted her to have and decided she might as well go ahead and have a music stand, so as soon as we got home she was itching to get to everything.  I went over the parts of the guitar with her again and she gave me pointers on how to hold one and what string to pluck, what note the string was, etc.  You know when someone's got a good understanding of something if they're able to instruct another, so I let her guide me along even though I was there for the whole session and remembered everything he said.  He also has no problem with my sitting in on the lessons, which was a big plus in my book (potentially a deal breaker if he'd had a problem with it).
Ya'll pray for me now - hubby is seriously considering encouraging the whole drum playing thing.  I just don't think I can do drums.  I'm praying she loses her facination with it soon.  Beating on things that can make a horrendous racket can't possibly hold a child's attention all that long can it???  Yeah - I didn't think so either.   (SIGH)  Where are the ear plugs I bought Ri for when she runs the weedeater?  You know, the ones I never see her using.



  1. In my defense, I forgot that I had them. I mean, I just wanna get out there and get done. (You know how long it takes me to get that thing started sometimes!)
    And what was wrong with naming the updates about Grandma "Grandma Updates"?
    PS. I wouldn't bet on her giving up the drums. Do you have any idea how often I have to listen to her (the little darlin) beat on various objects in her room while I am trying to read? Sometimes...

  2. It is great to hear our children "making a joyful noise"! My boys learn guitar but I miss my big girls practicing the piano. Even my neighbours did when they stopped learning.
    Great idea for the Updates on Grandma, thanks.

  3. Hey Momma! I am giving you the "favorite blog" award! You can visit my site for the rules, or Jennas!
    Love ya,

  4. I don't see T. Lynn wanting to give up the idea of playing drums... :) That's not much help... sorry.

    I am awarding you with the "Favorite Blog Award"!
    Come visit my blog to read more about the rules and jazz!
    Love you!