Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am alive.  I made it through another Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family (hey  Mom & Aunt S. - if you're reading this, I do love you).  It's always a lot of work, and it's always loud (that's just us), and it's always a bit hectic and crazy, AND, I love them all.

BUT - next year I'm kicking them all out of the kitchen!!  (Except for the  3 of you who were helping - you know who you are.  Thanks!!)

We have a fairly large house, but at one point, almost every single person was in the kitchen, hanging out, talking, GETTING IN THE WAY.  My word - it was the last 30min. before serving (#1 I was shocked and amazed at the shear number of them that were there that early), and they're standing there, while those of us who are cooking, and setting up the serving area, and unpaking plastic plates, are weaving in and out of them trying not to bump them with hot pots, or having them bump into whatever we were carrying.  It was crazy.  Then, about five min. before time to give everyone instructions and ask the blessing, they all disappear and had to be hunted down.  Go figure!

At any rate, everything got done and we settled in to eat right on time - despite the traffic jam in the kitchen.

You may ask why I didn't banish them from the kitchen to begin with - I think I was suffering from shell shock.  I've never seen that many of them show up on time, let alone 30min. early.  And yes, I did tell those of them that were bringing paper products to be early, but I just figured that they would only be 15-30min. late if I actually told them to be there 30min. early.  Again - go figure. 

Now we just have dinner with my Dad, step-mom, and younger brother on Thursday.  This dinner will be EASY.  First - there's not many people.  And second - my Dad wants the same thing every year, I don't even have to ask:  Chicken and dumplings, fresh bread, and chocolate pie.  Of course, we'll throw in a veggie or two, and my step-mother always makes a green bean casserole, but that's it.  

Well, I'm going to run.  It was milk day, and traffic was not at all good.  I'm going to have a cup of tea and put my feet up. 


  1. Ok, do I really have to tell ya that I awarded ya??? Probably not, but I'm gonna anyway...
    Your oh so loving daughter,
    Riah Chelle

  2. Oh dear! I can't believe I am doing this to you again...
    After Riah did it too...
    Just remember it's cause I love ya bunches!
    I am awarding you with another award.
    Did I mention that I love ya bunches? :)

  3. I am ready for anything you might throw my way, Becky. Unless you don't let Riah come visit next time. I might sob uncontrollably. Inconsolably! None stop. Until I see her again.
    :) hahaha.
    Love ya!

  4. Sounds like a party and a half! So glad for families gathering-even if they all want to pretend to "help"..LOL. I think there's something innate in the American woman that she "needs" to be in the kitchen for Thanksgiving--whether she's cooking or not!