Sunday, November 1, 2009

They're Baaaack!!!

Amid lots of talking, excitement (I'll explain that in a minute), a few tears and two - yes two 30 gal. trash bags of laundry, the girls returned home.  Tired (which equals cranky or weepy depending on which child it is), and quite a bit run down.  I plan to spend the next couple of days washing clothes, stuffing them with home-made food, making them nap, and giving them plenty of vitamin C.  They enjoyed their trip, they always do, but there was aditional fun this time - Grandma had purchased a Wii - did I spell that right?  So in addition to all the running around to first one place and then another, they also got to run around in the living room.  They're exhausted.
The excitment stemmed from a couple of purchases hubby and I made this week.  We used some of the alone time to go to the music store.  We got Bree a new (new to us anyway) flute.  Ours was in pretty bad shape and wasn't the greatest quality in the first place (read 30yr old student flute).  And we got Beenie a guitar.  She's been interested in them for what seems like forever.  They had a cute one on consignment for not a whole lot of money, which was sized right for a small player.  We grabbed the opportunity, along with a beginners book, and went ahead and signed her up for lessons.  I know how to play several instruments, but guitar is not one of them.  It all looks Greek to me.  Bree couldn't wait to try out her flute, and all three younger ones wanted to mess with the guitar.  T.Lynn wanted to try out the flute and the guitar, and told us she wanted to learn to play the drums (Oh, please no!).  I think the older two just wanted to sleep.
Grandma is doing better today, and other than being tired, she says she's not feeling bad at all.  She seems to be responding to treatment very well.  I'll have to check in with my uncle a bit later to see what the offical prognosis is (he was not available when I called earlier).  I thank those of you who have offered prayers on her behalf.


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  1. Praise God for his answered prayers for Grandma!
    And the other Grandma is way cool! a Wii!!