Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not the Greatest of Times

Unfortunately we have had to end our week on a bad note.  We had to have the paramedics come and take Grandma to the hospital.  She has pneumonia again.  I have not yet received a full report, but both lungs are full.  It was caught more quickly this time than with her last two episodes, so I hope and pray things will go better this time.  Right now I'm just in a holding pattern - waiting for more news on Grandma, and for the girls to get home, which should be anytime now. 



  1. Blessings to your grandmother. I hope she is well.

  2. Thank you Kristina. Right now she is doing better than the doctors expected.

  3. Prayed just now for Grandma and for your family.
    I trust she will improve quickly and that God grants the grace to endure.
    You must be excited to get the girls home. A break is fun...but I know you would miss them.

  4. Thank you Ruby. Yes I am glad to get the girls back home.