Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Things

Oct. 6

I just love (almost) all of those little unexpected things that you find, in the oddest places, that remind you there are children in the house.  Here are a few I've seen recently.

If you look closely, you can see the edge of a
cell phone sticking out of the basket in back too.
Needless to say, this isn't where the crayons
belong, or the cell phone for that matter.

This is probably my favorite.  I get tickled
every time I see those twisty straws sticking
out of my utensil bucket.  I guess it doesn't
take much to amuse me.

A very recent favorite.  A couple of days ago
Beenie heard me say that I needed to remember
to get tissue for the living room.  Can
you guess what this is?

Yep, a roll of toilet paper.  I applaud her
ingenuity.  In fact, I haven't changed it yet
even though I have a box of tissue for it.

Of course, this isn't a little reminder,
it's the whole kid, but I really liked
this picture Ri got of T.Lynn helping
her put supper in the crock pot

And here's another I liked of Bree and T.
Bree was a little fed up with the rather
unenthusiastic way T. was wiping the table
and decided to take over for her.  Kids being
what they are, table wiping became instantly
more interesting, and T. tried to get the dishrag
back.  This was Bree's solution for trying to get
the table wiped and controlling the little one who
was trying to swipe the rag at the same time.

Of course, I don't really need all the little reminders.  You know, since I have them all in here making an incredible amount of noise each day, but I still enjoy all the little things too.
And yes, I know I won't always have them here.  That's why I'm so glad Ri likes taking pictures.  I'm sure one day, one of my grandchildren will be looking in a photo album and think I'm totally crazy for having a picture of twisty straws in there.  I'll just have to smile and tell him/her that they will understand one day.



  1. Your hair looks very nice, Riah! keep up the great work...it's a challenge to find a differant style for every day isn't it?!


  2. Yes, today (Oct.8th) was the hardest! As you'll see, I went pretty simple!