Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grocery Store Blessings

Oct. 4

Anyone who is trying to do right knows that it is easy to be discouraged by friends, family, and even strangers.  Constant questions like "Why do you do THAT?" or "That is just ridiculous" can be irritating and/or daunting.  It's hard to do things that are considered  "abnormal" and "weird".  And rarely do we ever hear a kind word, or someone praising you for doing right.  I am not saying that we should do right just to be praised or that it is impossible to do right unless you get praised for it, but that it is nice to hear something positive once in awhile.  I had one of those positive moments the other day and want to share it.
  I had run in the store for Mom a week or so ago to pick up salad fixings and some baking supplies. Beenie (aka: 10 y/o) and T. Lynn (aka: littlest one) asked if they could run in with me.  Normally I say no when by myself because I am sort of small and I feel more comfortable when Kay is with us; but this time I gave in and said yes.  We were in the produce section, Beenie was helping me pick out tomatoes and T. Lynn was watching the cart when a gentleman approached us.  He said "I love the way you are dressed".  The girls and I replied "thank you" and figured he would move on, but he continued to say that it was so nice to see us dressed in dresses and that more people needed to learn the word modesty.  I was shocked and my look was mirrored on the little girls faces.  I managed to get out an "I agree completely" before he went on with his shopping.  Well, needless to say I was extremely blessed and hurried with the shopping to share it with Momma.  I was really glad to have brought the girls in with me, because when there is a larger group of girls in skirts it grabs more attention than one girl dressed modestly, and had I not allowed them to come I would have missed the blessing.
I just know it was God who planned that. In the little town where we live, the chances of running into someone who appreciates modest clothing is slim. The Lord knew I would need cheering up that day and planned it out so perfectly. 

I hope this blesses you too and helps you to continue doing right even when it seems hard.

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