Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feelin' Feminie Challenge - Day Four

Well, I think I am running out of hair styles.  As you can see from today's style, I went very simple.  No braids, pins, buns, or flips.  I think I will be needing somemore ideas soon.

(Sounds nice when using that word to discribe it, no?)

I couldn't get the picture to darken as much
as I wanted.  It was shinning because I had wet hair.

So, any idea's anyone?  Please?!


  1. My Joanna decided to make applesauce today too. I think we'll end up canning it. If someone leaves me alone for a minute, I usually take a nap. Ugh.

  2. Well, apples are a theme in blog land this week, it seems :-)
    So Becky, I am not sure how many daughters you have all together. I count five in this post? Is that the tally?

  3. Ah...simplicity is key:) As for ideas, did you see what I put my hair up in yesterday?! It was SO easy and stayed put all day:)

    1. put your hair in a ponytail
    2. Twist it up and pull it around like a bun.
    3. take the loopy part and pull it up then secure it with bobby pins and clips.
    Hope the instructions were clear?!


  4. Jenna:
    Yes, I did see what you did with your hair. And the instructions were very clear, thank you. I'll try that style tomorrow. Hum... myabe I need to get Momma to pick up some hair clips, we only have bobby pins.

    I do have five daughters, yes.
    And I do think apples were on the brain for everyone. Perhaps it had soemthing to do with apple season.

    Becky and Riah!