Friday, October 9, 2009

Someone still has energy.

Oct. 9
This was entirely too cute.

Can you tell what these are?

How 'bout now?
The grass was a little longer than usual when Bree and Ri mowed this week, so we were left with rows of cut grass in the yard.  Yesterday Beenie, T.Lynn, and the two little neighbor girls that live behind us spent the afternoon using a square storage tub to pack all that grass into these neat little blocks.  When they were done it looked like someone had left miniature bales of hay all over the yard.  They worked at it tirelessly for over an hour.  When I asked why they had done it, Beenie said the grass itched them when they were running around in the yard, so they wanted to get it out of their way.   Now where is all that energy and determination when it's time to clean their room?



  1. Is that really your pretty hair? How nice to have such a healthy shock of hair! My son, Hudson is reading Do Hard Things. He really likes it. It's the theme for our homeschool co-op this year. We have T-shirts for the kids and everything. Woo-hoo!

  2. Yes ma'am, every bit of it is my hair. Of course, it's not very long, but it is pretty thick.
    I am loving Do Hard Things. I think I am now on ch.6, but I am not sure. I haven't read much lately due to a busy schedule.
    It is wonderful that Do Hard Things is the theme. I believe it should be our theme for everyday.