Monday, October 26, 2009

Special Time

Hubby and I have spent a wonderful day together.  I won't tell you how late we slept, let's just say we ate breakfast after the lunch rush at one of my favorite all day breakfast restaurants.  But afterwards, he took me to the newest thrift shop that just opened up in the city our town boarders, and we were able to get several skirts, a couple of dresses, and a few tops for the child who is most in need right now;  Bree, who is currently 12 and has been hungry for at least 2 years.  I couldn't tell you how many shoes she's grown out of in the last year and a half and we have no more hand-me downs because both Kay and Ri have stopped growing (besides, Bree is almost as big as Ri). 
Then my adorable hubby took me to Barnes and Nobel, helped me sort through the books I was most interested in, bought me a hot chocolate, and let me sit and read for as long as I wanted.  And the blessings didn't stop there.  Instead of the two books I was going to buy (I was taking info. about another 4 so I could plan on purchasing them later), he bought me all six!  I couldn't believe it.  Isn't he great?!
He'll be either taking me out for supper in a little bit, or going to pick it up - whichever we decide on, and then we'll spend a quiet evening together.   It's all been terrific.



  1. Wow! It must be your anniversary! How wonderful your day sounds!

  2. Ruby - I think I like the phrase diamond days.

    Jenny - Nope, not our anniversary. We don't usually do much then because we were married in Feb. and I've spent more anniversaries than I care to remember sick with something or other(well for a couple I was nearly ready to deliver, but those don't count), so we refrain from making big plans for our anniversary.

  3. Dude! Does he teach classes on treating your wife like a queen?! Oh, I've got my own prince charming, but I'd like it a little more often, if you know what I mean.