Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clothes Everywhere

The girls are going to my mother's tomorrow after church to visit for the week.  In order for me to get them to mom's house (in a city about 45 min from here), I needed someone to be able to come stay with Grandma, so I called my uncle.  He was kind enough to arrange for her to visit with him, and his and dad's youngest brother for a couple of days each so that hubby and I could have a day or two to ourselves.  Between all the packing for the girls and Grandma, which by necessity means we have to wash ALL the clothes, we have had clothes everywhere.  Ri set up her own blog this week and has a very cute post on it here .  
One of my uncles came to pick up Grandma last night and drove off with her and a car load of stuff necessary for her comfort, convience, and health.  Right now I'm just praying that everything that left with them makes the complete round trip through both my uncles homes and back here. 
My next hurdle to jump is managing to make sure the girls have milk for the week.  They strongly dislike, and I don't like for them to have pasturized, homogenized milk, so I usually bring two or three gallons with us when I drop them off and then bring more milk mid-week.  I'm just not sure Grandma will be up to a trip over there and back.  It wouldn't hurt them to go a few days without milk, but mom has her own views about the necessity of children drinking their milk, so I will honor her preference - I'll just provide the milk.  Of course, I guess it is kind of hard to eat cold cereal (ugh!) without milk, so she does need it.   Maybe I can sweet talk hubby into making a milk run for them Wed.
After all that's figured out all I need to do is locate the stack of books we just got from Vision Forum so I can read them this week.


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