Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hummingbird Fun

When I got home today after a quick run out to drop off some things at Good Will, all of the children that I had left at home were in the garage yelling at me not to pull the van in.  As it turns out, a hummingbird had made it's way in the garage and could not get back out.  It kept trying to fly up in order to leave and bumping into the ceiling.  We tried to gently corral it toward the door, but it just flew over it and sat on the runner for the door.  Closing the big door and trying to get it out the small door didn't work either.  Finally Bree had the ingenious idea of tying one of our Elefun nets onto the end of an old broom we had.   After that it was fairly easy to catch it and take it outside. 

Isn't it beautiful?  I love hummingbirds.
I'd just rather they not be in the garage.

Here's Bree's solution.  I was a little afraid
that it was going to slip lose and fall down,
bird and all on my head, but it held together
beautifully.  Thanks Bree!

Bree did want me to add that she tried several times (quite unsuccessfully) to suggest the net/broom solution, but we were apparently too busy chasing the bird to listen.  She finally just went inside, made the contraption herself and brought it back to the garage.

I'm sure the bird was very much relieved to get away from the crazy females that were chasing it with brooms.



  1. Handsome bird! Wow! What a neat shot! I love hummingbirds also. And may I add, what a clean garage??!!! Do you have a new home or something? Wow. Nice to have you commenting on my blog. Sorry I've been out to lunch lately.

  2. Yes, it is a fairly new home. We have had to clean out the garage about three times in the last year though. The littlest girls love to play kitchen in the whole garage as often as they can. You should have seen the mess they made with the bird seed not long ago. We just lucked out for the picture and had it cleaned last week.