Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 Simple Words

At least, they seemed simple to the child who was saying them.  In fact, they were said in an attempt to reassure me.  But, the sentence, "It's okay mom, I've done this a thousand times." when uttered right after the request to "Come see this!", is not at all reassuring.  But, before I could even begin to ask what exactly "it" was, said child was launching herself (on roller skates) down the handicap ramp in the garage and then grabbing the front quarter panel of the van, so that she could careen around the front end, sliding between the van and the garage door.  Hmmmm.  Even watching her sucessfully conclude this little display did not really reassure me that this was a particulary safe activity.  Maybe having the olders ones clean the garage can have a down side.
But I must add that this little trick did pale in comparison to looking out the back door and seeing the 12yr. old hanging off the very top of the swing set the other day.  And don't think regular, store bought, metal swing set here.  Think homemade, heavey timber, why in the world did my dad make this thing that tall (and WHAT was he thinking to put a ladder like area on one end for them to climb up) sort of swing set.  Well, I guess I can't get too upset about the ladder thingy, since Bree was hanging off the other side.  The one that required her to climb over the rail that he put up around the platform for the slide, before she could hang off the top in order to change the height of one of the swings.  Getting her oldest, much taller sister apparently never occured to her.  Not that Kay could have reached it from the ground, but she could have reached it from the slide platform, without climbing over it.
Oh well, they are all still very much alive and my very sweet oldest daughter has informed me that supper is ready (have I mentioned that I'm blessed?), so I must run.  I'll have to blog about the mattresses on the stairs another day.


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