Saturday, September 5, 2009

Country Girl Supper

I don't know about you, but when I think country, I think beans, corn bread, and fresh veggies.  Well we had that for supper tonight, and I just felt like blogging about it.  See, although we all love a supper composed of the aforesaid foods, we don't all like eating it the same way. As you can see from the pictures below:

Super mom juggling my dad's (unfinished) plate and bowl.
Picky little sister's plate - rest assured that she
doesn't usually get away with eating so little veggies!
Not so picky, sister's plate. As you can probably tell,
she isn't nearly so "neat and orderly" as the little one!!
Our supper table. Not exactly prim and proper,
but "homey" none-the-less
Me making the corn bread featured in the pictures above!
(This is kind of off topic, but I thought I'd add the picture anyway!)
Hope you enjoyed the peep into our country supper!

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  1. RIAH! I was on the phone with you when you were making the cornbread! (I guess I just gave away who I was with that comment!)
    I love this blog! I love you and your mamma!
    your anonymous, but not so anonymous friend...