Friday, September 18, 2009

The Talley

Sept. 18

I'll be adding the date each time I blog until we can figure out how to make it pop up automatically.  And for those of you who know how to do this, yes, we clicked on the button to chose that option, but it's not doing it.

We finished with the apples and corn we bought last week.  We have the corn put away in the freezer (I forget exactly how many bags, but a lot), and we canned all the apples.  I wanted to try everything just to see how it would all turn out so we have apple pie filling, plain and cinnamon applesauce, plain and cinnamon apple jelly, and apple butter all tucked away nicely in the cabinets.  Now I want some more apples.   It may seem like a lot when you stack it all up (and it certainly was a lot of work), but there are enough of us here that it really won't last all that long.

We have enjoyed nearly every minute, and the girls have been excited to see all their work turn into delicious food they can eat themselves and share with others.  Here are some more pictures Ri took:

On Wed. we made more applesauce and
we canned the apple butter.

On Thurs. we finished up with the apple
jelly and another batch of pie filling.

Making use of that cabinet above the fridge.

And what better use for a jelly cabinet.
Of all the things I've used this cabinet for,
I think this is the first time it's held jelly.

With the stove covered for several days,
we had to get creative with where
to cook supper.

You'd think we would be tired of apple
stuff, but no.  Ri made apple crumble
for us last night.  You should have
been here.  It was good.

Tomorrow I plan to blog about something other than food, but when you're knee deep in the stuff, it's kind of hard to think about anything else.


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