Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sewing and Such

Sept. 23

We have a little break before we finish our canning since the pink lady apples won't be ready to pick for at least a week, so I decided to try and catch up on my sewing.  Actually, I don't know that catch up is really the right term to use since, with so many of us, there seems to be a never ending list of things that need to be sewn.  Some time ago, I chose to make cloth napkins so that we would quit buying so many paper towels and napkins.  I took some of our dishes to the fabric store so we could match the fabric to the dishes.  The dish  pattern has flowers and butterflies, and the occasional lady bug, so we had many different fabrics to chose from.  The girls helped, and we made four selections.  I just finished two sets and I have two more with the hems ironed so I can mark for the mitered corners.  I may work on that for a bit tonight.  I also have pieces cut out for a dress for the littlest, slips for the younger two, and edging pieces for Bree's quilt (and of course there's mending - there's always mending).  I'm anxious to get these done because I bought fabric earlier this month for dresses for me and Kay, and skirts for the rest.  The littlest one chose a dark blue denim with bugs and lizzards embroidered on it for her skirt.  I thought the one with roses embroided on it was cute (and maybe I tried, just a little, to get her to chose it), but no - bugs and lizzards it is.  On the up side, the bugs and lizzards are several different colors, so she'll be able to wear just about any top with it.
In other happenings, the older three cleaned out the garage today - YAAAAAYYY!!!  We can now walk around the van without tripping over things, back into the garage without running over things, and actually walk out the regular door, instead of having to open the big door.
Also, Ri had the great idea of acting out her newest Lit lesson, Shakespear's A Comedy of Errors.  I agreed to forego the usual paperwork since she'll be rewriting it (with Kay's help) in order to make it something that can be performed by a six member, all female cast.  I told her to do what she wants as long as the general gist of the play remains the same.  We do have to keep a few male parts, most of which Kay will be performing since she is the tallest, and she did change the part of the mistress so that she'll no longer be a mistress.  She was quite creative.  I can wait 'til she's done.
All in all, things are going well and we have a lot to be thankful for.


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  1. It would be great to see that performance? I wish you lived closer--I'd drag my daughter over to hang out with your daughters and "perform". My poor Joanna. She grew up with the three boys, and for years it was just the four of them. When Emily came along, she's essentially been like an only child; hence, the lack of sharing experience. I need to do some sewing now, after reading your post!