Thursday, September 17, 2009

Petticoats canning

I don't think I have ever seen so many apples in my life!  Two and a half bushels, and we're are planning on getting more as soon as they come in season.
We have also shucked corn.  Thankfully we only had one ear of corn that had corn worms (and it wasn't one of mine).  I think I would have freaked out had there been more.  I Don't mind the regular worms, but please, no corn worms!
Well, here are the promised pictures.  More to come when we finish canning apple jelly and apple pie filling.

Apples cooking down for apple sauce.  Isn't that alot?
Actually, this was one of the smaller pots!
Almost apple sauce!  Can't you just taste it?
All done and ready to can.  (We made cinnamon too.)
Apple pie filling!  So nummy.  Last night I made a pie
out of a can that didn't seal.
The line up. 
The little one shucking corn.  She got really
good at this, since Grandma taught her a trick.
Just started shucking, see how few husks are on the table?
The twelve yr. old hadn't yet learned the trick.
Me chopping corn into thirds.  (Obviously I wasn't
responsible for taking this picture, the 10 yr. old is.  Didn't she do a good job?)
My personal favorite picture, because it shows you how
creative you can be when the need arrises.
Necessity is truly the mother of invention!
We will add other pictures later.

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  1. Hey Beck,
    Let me know when you go for apples again- I'm going to try to find an orchard here, but so far I have only found the peach/strawberry orchards and of course the milk and veggie farms. If I can't find an apple orchard here, I might go with you to yours.
    I love the pics- the apple pie filling looks like it turned out just right!