Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Gratituesday!  What am I grateful for?  Being able to can.  Finally!  I think it's only appropriate to mention Laura at heavenly homemakers because it was after reading one of her e-books that I finally pulled up enough courage to really give canning a try.   I love my mom, but she had a strict, if you can't freeze it, we won't save it policy.  But!, now I love canning.  My first try was a surplus of tomatoes from my brother.  Now, keep things in perspective here, his surplus was from a few tomatoes he grows in buckets on his deck, but it produced four pint jars of tomatoes and I just loved it.  Next, I pulled out the strawberries that we had frozen whole after a trip to the u-pick farm, and canned 18 half pints of strawberry jam - yum!  I can't wait to get ahold of some apples later this week.  I see applesauce, apple butter, and cinnamon apple jelly in my future. 

Don't those look yummy?
Don't worry, we haven't eaten that much jam yet.
Just wanted to give you all a sample.
Now I understand what all those other women are talking about when it comes to the satisfaction they feel as they hear that thunk when the jars are cooling, or seeing all the cooling jars lined up on the counter.   Just makes you feel GOOD!

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  1. Hey Beck! Yes I love the sound of the jars as they seal- I tell them they are singng my song! So far this year I have canned squash, chow chow, hot tomatoes, pickles... I still have TONS of tomatoes from last summer. I will be going back down to that veggie farm on the other side of the milk farm in a couple of weeks to get sweet potatoes. I canned some of them last fall and they were some of the best sweet potatoes I've ever had! If you want to go we'll play it in conjunction with one of your milk runs. Congrats on your canning success! See ya soon!
    Michelle "Tink"