Friday, September 4, 2009

My teenager made me do it.

After several months of pestering  suggestions by my 17 yr. old, I have finally set up a blog.  Actually, she did most of it - from over my shoulder.   I'm pretty sure she'll be the one to update, change, delete, fix, etc. , everything on here.  I'll just ramble on and let her sort it all out.  As an aspiring photographer she'll probably be responsible for most of the photos we'll put up too.  Especially since I tend to crop out people's heads, or at least half of everything I really wanted in the photo.

This blog will be about a little bit of everything.   From our adventures in cooking - trust me, teaching all these girls to cook has been, and continues to be an adventure, to our experiences learning old-timey skills, to learning more about obtaining and cooking with organic/locally grown foods -soaking grains etc.

I may even jump on my soapbox from time to time about homeschooling, politics, or having to drive to another state to get raw cows milk for my family.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Please note that all comments will be moderated by me, and I will exclude any that I feel are tasteless, crude, or hateful.  We are Christians and intend to comport ourselves as such - this will include what we'll allow people to say on this blog.


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  1. How fun that you and your daughter are doing this together! My kids helped me set up things a lot also! And yes, my daughter is the photographer of the family! Sounds like we both have great daughters! I have five children (only 2 daughters) so we don't quite have a petticoat junction!