Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm So Blessed

Well, I thought I'd write a blog about the wonderful way my oldest and my 12yr old blessed me by refinishing a small cabinet.  And I may get to that in a minute...but first I feel the need to give you a peek into the everyday drama that pervades our home.  For the most part the girls are not overly girlie.  They have their moments, but I often hear things like, "No pink.", or "No bows or flowers.", and my favorite, "NOOO glitter."   All of them will mess with bugs to some degree.  Even the 17yr. old, who dislikes nearly everything creepy and/or crawly, will handle worms.  But, they are all extremely afraid of spiders.  So that brings us to tonight, and one of their moments.  I was starting to blog, with the help of the 17yr. old, when I spotted a spider at the top of the wall near the door.  The ceilings are quite high, so even if I had stood on a chair I would have never reached it.  I called in our oldest.  That, of course, brought everyone in to see what it was.  The littlest one ran under the door, ducking (it apparently didn't matter that the ceiling is 5 ft. over her head even when she's standing upright), and two of them peeked in, squealed and left.  The oldest one brought the requested chair and spent a couple of minutes gathering her courage.  Did I mention that it was a rather large spider - I would have left a small one alone.  Anyway, she climbed on the chair while the 17yr and the youngest took up postion behind the desk chair I was sitting in.  She reached up to squash it with my shoe and it climbed over my shoe and across her hand.  Needless to say, the room went berserk.  The little one climbed up her older sister and jumped on me.  The oldest maintained her position on the chair.  The spider was just trying to escape, which is exactly what I did not want him to do.  Somehow the youngest kept climbing up me even though I was doing my best to dislodge her so I could kill the spider.  I was shouting for someone, anyone, to kill it since I couldn't get rid of the little one, but no one was getting any closer to him.  Finally the 17yr old pulled the little one off and I was able to get up and squash it with my other shoe.  It still took a couple of minutes for sanity to make a comeback.  Girls - all the way!!

Now, back to the cabinet.  As I said, two of my daughters blessed me by offering to refinish a jelly cabinet I had in the dining room, after the oldest heard an off-hand comment I made about it last week.  I think they did a really good job.  All I did was explain the process and check on them in between steps.

I wish I had thougt to get a 'before' picture, but..
This is what it looked like after they had it all sanded down.
It wasn't much darker before.
All finished!
Didn't they do a good job?!
I am so blessed to have these girls!!

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