Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sept. 24

Today was one of my contented days.  This certainly does not mean everything went perfectly, but it does mean nothing really heinous happend.   It was a bit more relaxed today than it sometimes is.  We had a fairly light load of school work for the day, so it only seemed taxing to the two who wanted to spend over and hour fooling around while their math sat untouched (or barely touched) in front of them.  Hey, it was their play time they were wasting, because the chores will be done regardless of how long it takes them to finish their math.  But all in all it was one of my "I'm very satisfied days."  It's not that I'm usually unhappy, or dissatisfied, it's just that, oftentimes, I'm too busy to really think about , or appreciate it.  I like these days.  I want to tuck them away like jewels in the back of my mind and pull them out when I'm having one of the really awful days.

Now, most of the work is done and chicken and dumplings are bubbling away while the two youngest are playing with scraps of dough I gave them while I was rolling the dumplings out.  I made bread and butter earlier today, so we had them both fresh for lunch with some cheese and a few other odds and ends.  The girls love that particular lunch.  I also made some laundry detergent and started a batch of yogurt in the crockpot (well, in all honesty, I directed someone else to do that while I was wrist deep in dumpling dough).
When I finish with this we'll eat supper and then I can work a little more on those mitered corners while I choreograph tonights showers with the running of the dishwasher.
Let the contentment continue!!


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