Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thoughts and Updates

Grandma suffered a set back late last night.  She has had periods of extreme disorientation and her oxygen levels start to fall unless she stays on 100% oxygen through the mask.  They are unsure now of how long she will be hospitalized, and they are sure that once she is released she will have to go to a specialized nursing facility for rehabilitaton in order to get her strength back.  My uncle is assesing her condition to see if round the clock care from family members is necessary.  They have never allowed her to be restrained in bed, so different family members have pitched in as necessary to make sure someone is there with her when she becomes disoriented.
On another note, during devotions today, Ri instigated an interesting discussion.  She is all stuffed up, so she was saying that she would not be able to sing today.  I told her to do the best she could and reminded her that the bible just tells us to make a joyfull noise.  Then the question came up as to whether or not the angels made noise or sang well, and I suggested they sang well.  Then Ri said, "Well, what if happy does sound beautiful to God."  Good point.  I'm pretty sure our being joyfull does sound beautiful to God.


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  1. It is wonderful that you have loving, caring family to do the vigil on Grandma. I do hope she recovers. It is the Lord's good pleasure. I am counting on being given a beautiful singing voice in heaven, as I have not been blessed with one on earth. I do however, attempt to make a joyful noise!!!