Friday, January 15, 2010


I made butter today.  I know, not rocket science.  I've actually made butter plenty of times, but today I made it in the blender instead of my food processor.  Why is this news worthy?  Because I managed to make it this time without having cream or buttermilk all over the counter, food processor, and anything else nearby.  I know I probably wouldn't make such a mess if I didn't put so much cream in, but who wants to make butter in 6 tiny little batches, when you can make it in two (and complain about the mess :D ).  At any rate, I tried it in the blender today, and it did great. 

See that neat little ball of butter at the
bottom of the pitcher?

And here it is in the bowl.
I didn't bother washing it until I had the entire quart of cream done.  I ended up with another ball of butter just a bit smaller than this one, so when all was said and done, we had a nice amount of butter made.


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