Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She's Home!!

I know, kind of an obvious thing after my last post, but we're just very happy.
We're adjusting to a whole new routine.  We've got a new medication list; all of which have to be ground in a morter and blended with water to put in her PEG line, but it's not hard, just different.  We've worked out a different feeding schedual for her already since the one at the rehab. center was giving her a final feeding in the middle of the night.   Ridiculous!  She has to sit up for 30 min. after each feeding, so that meant she wasn't getting to bed for good until almost 1am.  Like I said, ridiculous.  Our feeding schedual will be 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm.  Everyone gets to go to bed at a decent time. 
Yesterday was full, to overflowing, with everything that was going on - remember, on top of all the business of getting her home and having all her supplies, and a medical bed delivered (which got here about 7pm), it was milk day.  Today was going to be equally busy with all the normal stuff, plus a visit from the home health care nurse (the 1st visit is always long), tutoring my cousin, a trip to the library and the drug store, another visit from my uncle (to bring some more supplies), and Beenie's guitar lesson.  Hubby very generously offered to take Beenie to her guitar lesson for me, so (this might be considered taking advantage of the proferred generosity, but...) I told him of the other errands I was going to run, and asked him if he would do it for me.  He did - isn't he great!  That just freed up my entire afternoon! 

Okay - so my ENTIRE afternoon wasn't free.  I got a call at 2:15 (the lesson is at 2:30), and guess what was left at the house???  For all you mom's out there, you only get one chance - yep, you guessed it, the guitar.  So I tell hubby to go ahead and I'll meet them there.  It takes more than 15 min. to drive, and I had to stop to put gas in hubby's car, but the teacher was utilizing the time well, and the guitar was only 10min. late.  Not too bad, and the rest of the afternoon is fairly free, so, as Superman would say, "It's all good." (I have to assume this is a popular saying with public schooled kids.)

Ri has already, very kindly, offered to make supper, and Kay will head up the general tidying up once she gets home (she and Bree were the ones that needed to go to the library).  I'll put Bree on laundry duty (leaving Beenie and T.Lynn to help Kay and Ri as needed), and that will free me up to finish looking over school work,  and, if I'm very lucky, finish the ironing (I will leave the napkins for T.; she loves ironing them),  Right now I'm going to try to slip in a 30 min. nap - if at all humanly possible.


  1. What an adventure you are beginning! That's an honor to love (I assume) your mother in this way! Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. I hear you on the baby registration.. I thought you were going to say that the mother who registered was right behind you as you were going through the list!

  2. Thanks! It's my grandmother - my father's mother.

    I guess it would have been worse if it had been the mother - but then, later at her baby shower, I did voice my opinion on the whole thing.