Monday, January 18, 2010

Grandma's Coming Home!!

It's official.  Grandma's coming home tomorrow.  My father, my uncle, Ri and I all went up to the rehab. facility today to learn how to do her feedings through the tube and how to work with her on her swallowing.  Kay will learn how to do it too, but tomorrow is milk day, and since Kay is going to SC with me tomorrow, that would leave Ri here with Grandma, once she was home - obviously, she needed to be the first to learn.  Everyone is excited.  We've throughly cleaned her room and put fresh bedding on her bed.  We are so glad that she will finally be back home.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers!!


  1. Aww YAY! I am so happy that she FINALLY gets to go home! Have Ri let me know how she's doing, please! :)
    Love ya!

  2. Thanks honey. I'll let Ri know to give you a call.
    Love you & tell your mom I said HEY!