Saturday, January 16, 2010

When not to post on your blog

If yesterday is any indication, you should never try to slip a last minute post in when you're trying to get everyone headed out the door.
I had sooooo many typos in my post yesterday.  I also forgot to put in a link that should have been there.  I ended up editing it four times, catching various things wrong at different times; when I was trying to link the post to Mother Hen's post - apparently I even flubbed in the title  - as I was linking up, I realized that the title read Cooling with Kids, instead of the intended Cooking with Kids :), when I was answering a comment (that drew my attention to the missing link - thanks Mother Hen!), when I was showing the post to T.Lynn, and when Ri was looking at it. 
Whew!!  I got tired of finding mistakes.  I'm sure anyone who read the post before all the editing was done, was wondering about me - at least a little.
And for the record (the post has been corrected now),  it was Pumpkin muffins, not Butterscotch muffins.
At any rate, I appologize to anyone out there who had to stumble through my post before I fixed it, and in the future I'll try to get my cooling (:D) with the kids done, BEFORE Friday afternoon.



  1. Have no worries, Mrs. Becky!
    Love you bunches! :)

  2. Thanks sweetheart!
    Love you too!