Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New

I've wanted to recover my ironing board for a couple of months now.  But, with Thanksgiving and Christmas to take care of, it just wasn't a high priority.  It's really been bugging me though.  You can see why here:


I've no idea what the stains are.  I'm guessing someone spilled something on it and then whatever it was scorched the next time the iron was used.  I just know that I couldn't get it out in the wash.  And, although you can't really see it, there's a fuzzy spot just across from the two biggest stains where someone had their interfacing turned the wrong way when they were trying to put it in.  Nothing was coming off on anyone's clothes, but it looked just awful.

Now, drum-roll please...


In the picture it kind of looks like there's a dark spot near the back - I don't know what caused that, but there's nothing on the fabric. 
Some might think that we have a pink and white striped ironing board because we have nothing but girls - and they would be right - but for the wrong reason.  I didn't pick it out because the girls thought it was cute, or pretty, or anything else; I picked the pink and white stripe because the girls wouldn't have anything to do with it.  All I heard while I was making it was "Ewwww", and "WHY, did you pick THAT?", and "It's!"  The fabric was in a box of stuff that was given to us  free not long ago, and I chose it specifically because I knew I wouldn't be able to get any of them to even consider it for an apron (although I thought it would make an adorable apron-just, not for me).  T.Lynn even turned her nose up at it, and she likes pink.
Oh well, it's done, it's cute, and best of all - it's CLEAN.



  1. It looks so crisp and fresh! No doubt with girls you have a lot of ironing. I'm afraid I keep my ironing to an absolute minimum.

  2. Thanks! And, no, we don't have a lot of ironing - anymore. A friend gave me a tip several years ago that has been a life saver. If you put the dresses (most anything that would need to be ironed) into the dryer for about 8 or 9 min. and then take it out and let it finish drying hanging up, it gets out almost all the wrinkles. It's certainly good enough a job for everyday wear. I might touch-up something I would wear for a special occasion, but that's it. Now the ironing board sees most of it's use for pressing seams when sewing.