Saturday, January 30, 2010

The World is White...Again

It started snowing a little before 6:00 last night.  The girls put one of my largest kitchen bowls out on the deck to catch snow so they could make snow cream today, and this morning you couldn't even see where they had put the bowl.  That's a lot of snow - well, it's a lot of snow for central NC.  And, it's still snowing.  It's supposed to snow, or be a mix of winter precipitation all day.  And it will be COLD.  It's 22 right now, but with the wind chill factor, it feels like about 10.  Again - I know it gets colder elsewhere, but thankfully, I've never lived elsewhere.  I can only remember one other year in which we got two big snow storms.  We haven't even had the ice problems we normally have (YAY!)- but we haven't gotten through Feb. yet.  The snow is better than the ice because it blows off the trees and utility lines, so I am grateful for that.

For right now, I'll stay warm here in the house and occasionally peek out the windows to watch the girls play.  It's kind of cute to see the snow so deep that their skirts trail along on top of it as they walk across the yard.  I'm pretty sure the girls will remember this winter for the rest of their lives.



  1. That's a delightful picture you paint!
    The days have been in the high 30s (degrees Celcius) here and very humid, but now we are getting a good fall of rain. It is coming off cyclone activity further north of us.
    Did I mention how gorgeous your blog background is? Love it.

  2. Wow! So your temps are in the high 90's to around 100 degrees F.
    Thank you. I wanted the background to be a little lighter - maybe I'm just longing for Spring!