Monday, February 1, 2010


Today is payday.  I need to go to the bank.  I need to go to the post office.  I REALLY need to go to the store (in a house full of females, TP beats out milk and bread as a necessity).  But, because of this weekend's weather, I'm sitting here waiting.  Waiting for the temperature to get above freezing.  Waiting for the desire to actually get out and do it all.  I'm pretty sure that desire won't actually emerge until the temp reaches at least 65, so I'll just have to force myself to do all this stuff.  I would love to hibernate.

Oh well...on to a different topic.

Somehow we ended up with a bunch of crippled people this weekend.  (It's a turn of phrase - I'm not picking on crippled people, my own husband is disabled.)  And, it's all of the older girls (that includes me).  I threw out my arm - doing what you may ask? - of all things, playing the Wii we finally broke down and bought for Christmas.  I know...brilliant.  I should have exhibited a little more restraint, but I'm just a tad competitive. 
Kay fell outside yesterday, while trying to get some of the snow off the driveway, which is where Bree got the incredible sunburn she has now.  Here again, I know I should have known better.  The sun will still burn you even if it's 30 outside, but you just don't think about getting sunburned in the middle of the winter.  Since it is winter, her burn is only on her face, but it's bad.  She is feeling icky, so she may have a bit of sun poisoning.  Kay scraped up her arm, and since she suffered from a rare, degenerative condition (which required surgery on her hips) as a child, falls are always more problematic for her. 
Ri fell down the stairs Saturday night.  Not quite sure how she did that (she doesn't know either), but she's pretty banged up right now too.
So...all of the oldest, most capable people around here don't really feel up to doing much.  I wish we could take a couple of days and do nothing but recuperate, but it's the first of the month (always the busiest time), so we'll just have to push through.  I can a least go relatively easy on them with regard to the housework.  The house certainly won't fall down around our ears if the furniture doesn't get dusted, the floors moped, or the bathrooms scrubbed until this weekend.  Laundry and kitchen duty - large enough tasks in a family of eight - will be the order of the week.  Oh, and all that dreaded running around.  But, I can do most of that (with the exception of the milk tomorrow) on my own.

So, it's off to check the temperature again, and try to convince myself that it really won't be all that bad to leave the house.  Yeah right. 


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