Monday, February 22, 2010


So far planning my menus is working out well.  Last week's menu required no changes, but I did update this week's in order to utilized things already in the freezer and pantry so I wouldn't have to run out to the grocery store.
What's on the menu for this week:
Mon - breakfast - french breakfast muffins, scrambled eggs
             supper - ham and potato casserole, salad
Tues - breakfast - biscuts and gravy
             supper - pinto beans, rice, green beans
Wed - breakfast - smoothies or yogurt, cinnamon swirl bread
             supper - kielbasa bake, salad
Thurs - breakfast - blueberry muffins, cottage cheese
             supper - roast, potatoes, peas & carrots
Fri - breakfast - grits, sausage, eggs (for those that like them)
             supper - barbeque chicken, corn, chopped fresh veggies
Sat - breakfast - sticky buns
          supper - chicken & dumplings, mixed veggies
Sun - waffles
           lunch - leftover chicken & dumplings


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  1. You food looks great for the coming week. Thanks for the clarification on the Ketchup. We use Tomato Sauce and Tomato paste as a base for many sauces and casserole gravies. Sometimes I try making them from whole tomatoes but not ver successfully.