Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ketchup, and other randomness

Ruby, over at Mumma's Place , has inadvertantly suggested another "make it from scratch" challenge.  Ketchup.  Here's her comment regarding my last post on barbeque sauce:

"It does sound very yummy! Is ketchup bought sauce though. We call it Tomato Sauce here but I am wondering whether it is one you make or a bought variety?"

First off, Ruby is from Australia so I'll explain that ketchup is a premade, seasoned sauce with tomato sauce or tomato paste as it's base (she probably already knows that, but just in case...).  So, I'm a little curious now as to whether or not the tomato sauce Ruby talks about is a seasoned tomato sauce used on burgers and such.  You'll have to let me know Ruby.  I love learning about these little differences in how we speak. From her site, I recently found out that they call skeeters (mosquitos-for those of you not from the South), mozzies down there.
At any rate, I plan on trying out a ketchup recipe as soon as our current stash of ketchup is depleted.  At least what I do have on hand is organic.  I will have to use store bought tomato paste as my base though, because we have long since gone through the small amount of tomatoes I canned last summer.  I'll have to get ahold of a much bigger quantity of them this year in order to can some of my own sauce, in addition to other tomato stuff.  I'm wanting to try my hand at plain sauce, spaghetti sauce, and homemade "Rotel", in addition to the plain diced tomatoes that I have done before. 

Now, on to other randomness...

This is the cake Bree made Beenie for her
birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I just love
the spiral candle "hair".

Superman brought these to Ri last weekend.
He remembered her saying that she loves
sunflowers.  Aren't they gorgeous.

I finally finished the little white jacket that
goes with T.Lynn's red, polka dot dress.
I think it turned out well, even though I
made a huge mistake when putting it
together.  For any of you who do much
sewing, see if you can tell what I did wrong.

Ri came in while I was finishing up this post
and did what I had been trying (and failing
miserably) to do; get a close-up on the details.
My newest sewing machine has some simple
embroidery stitches, so I used one of them
to topstitch around the entire jacket.  Then
T., who is VERY modest, insisted on having
this clasp added, just in case the jacket were
to blow open (remember, it's a sleeveless dress).

Well, it's time to heard folks through the bath.  I hope y'all have an opportunity for some quality fellowship tomorrow.



  1. Yeah, I noticed the ketchup thing too! Ketchup is a lot of corn syrup, so it would be good to know how to make it! I'll be waiting with bated breath for that recipe. cute cake--looks like my hair in the morning. I was a hedgehog to beat all hedgehogs. Thankfully, there is shampoo and a shower..

  2. Yep - I switched to organic (sans corn syrup) ketchup quite a bit ago. But I'll enjoy trying to make some of my own.