Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Plans

I'm happy to say that things went well last week with following my menu plans.  There were only two things that didn't make it in; we didn't do biscuts and gravy Wed. morning (lack of time), and on Thurs., we ended up getting pizza because the new recipe I tried for teriyaki chicken was just awful.  The best thing that even my most adventurous eater could say about it was that she would eat it before she would eat a prune. Oh well, we were going to treat the kids to pizza one day this week anyway, so we just switched up weeks.
On to this week's menu:
Mon - breakfast - Pumpkin muffins , scrambled eggs
            supper - navy beans, mac & cheese, baked squash, raw veggie assort.
Tues - breakfast - crossiants, fruit salad, yogurt
            supper - spaghetti, salad
Wed - breakfast - golden rod eggs (or as old cookbooks called it, eggs a la golden rod)
            supper - mesquite cheesy chicken, baked beans (made from Mon left-overs), salad
Thurs - breakfast - lemon poppy seed muffins, eggs or cottage cheese
            supper - pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy over rice, lima beans, fresh carrots
Fri - breakfast - pancakes, sausage patties
          supper - country style steak, mashed potatoes, green beans
Sat - breakfast - eggs, hashbrowns
           supper - ham, macaroni and cheese, salad (or peas w/ carrots)
Sun - breakfast - waffles
           lunch - tacos

Since I've already done the shopping for the basics, my grocery list for this week is very short - Yay!  Most of it is the fresh produce. I think I might be enjoying this menu planning stuff.


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