Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold, Wet, Yuck

Today was milk day, and it wasn't raining.  Yay!  BUT...it was cold, and everything at the barn is wet, so naturally there was a lot of mud - yuck.  I'm a big girl though, I can handle the mud, the problem is really for the farmers.  It's been so snowy, and rainy, and snowy, and icky, and snowy, and...well, you get the picture, that the pastures are nothing but big mud holes.  The farmers will have to re-seed all the pastures (or large percent of them), plus, they can't get their crops started for this year's hay and silage.   Our dairy farmer said the deadline for when the wheat should have been in the ground has already passed, but it's just too wet, and they are calling for more rain down there.  He's lived there forever and says he can't remember it ever being this wet, for this long.  I certainly hope things turn around for them; they can't keep paying for hay brought in from elsewhere.  The next time I'm tempted to complain about the weather I'll try to remember, and say a prayer for others who's livelihoods are dependent on things like the weather.  All the snow and ickiness may be an inconvience to me, but that's pretty much all it is.  If I weren't buying stuff from local farms, chances are I'd never even think about things like that.  Trying to eat healthy, and locally does bring you into a greater awareness of life around you.


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  1. I agree to that! Good reminder!
    I wish I was home to see ya'll today. :( But I did see you on Thurday! That makes it somewhat better! lol
    Love ya!