Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just a few random photos (with explanations).

The last weekend in Jan.  No, the bottom step
doesn't sit right on the ground.  There's more of
a difference between it and the ground than there
is between the steps, so there's a lot of snow.

You can barely see the culvert at the end of
the drive.

A snow angel Bree made.

The flowers hubby gave me for our
anniversary last week.  Aren't they

The florist gave these flowers to the girls that
were with hubby that day (Bree and Ri were with me).
It was last Tues.; Grandma had fallen early
that morning, we had the milk to go get - it was
a rough day.  He had two very lovely cards, the
flowers, and some much needed chocolate waiting
for me when I got home.  Plus, he took me to my
favorite restaurant for supper.  I think I'll keep him. :D

I picked up the plant at the bottom of the pic
the last time I was in Whole Foods.
I wish I could take a decent picture; it's really
very pretty.  The tag said Campanula, but it must
be some sort of minature.

Superman has become a regular here, so we put
him to work on a regular basis.  I don't know
who took this, or when, so I don't know what
Ri was making him help her cook, but it could
have been nearly any Saturday we haven't
been snowed in.  Don't know why they look the
same height here, but I'll use it to pick on him about
 shrinking in his old age since he constantly refers
 to himself as old (he JUST turned 20 - yeah, real old).   
My lastest sewing project.  I won't
tell you how long this dress has been
cut out and sitting on the side of my
sewing table.  T.Lynn still fits it (with
room to spare), so we're okay.  And yes,
it was cut out for her - not for one of the
older ones.  I'm not quite THAT far behind.

Self explanitory - the back.  I secretly
hated that zipper - wasn't the zipper's
fault of course; it was the three layers
making up the skirt (because we HAVE to
have an attached crinoline to make the
skirt poofy - and we, under no circumstances,
actually want to feel any part of the itchy stuff).

The all important spin around...

...and plop down to see how big a puddle the
skirt makes test.  This one passes.

It was hard to tell from the other photos that
the fabric had small white polka dots.  I came
across this daisy "lace", with red centers shortly
after we had bought the fabric, and couldn't
resist adding it to the dress.

The dress is supposed to have a little
white jacket to go with it, but you can
see why she's not wearing that right now.
I did get started on it while the computer
was doing it's thing moving the photos over
a little bit ago.

It's cold today, and very windy.  I woke up at around 4 o'clock this morning, hearing the wind pushing the swing around on the deck.  I didn't know we were supposed to have windy weather, or I would have taken the cover off the top last night.  Since the wind has knocked it into the sliding glass door before, I threw on a dress and went out to take the top off.  It was COLD, and the cover acted like a big sail, but I managed to get it down by myself; not, however, without waking several others because I was forced to let go of it at one point and it crashed onto the deck.  So much for trying to let everyone else sleep.  I should have just woke someone else up to begin with, then there would have only been two of us up.  Oh well, live and learn.



  1. I like the snow angel. That's a lot of snow. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Beautiful snowy pics and gorgeous flowers! Yes, I think he is a keeper! Happry bleated anniversary!

  3. Happy belated Anniversary!

    Trying to do too many things at once. I need spell check on the comments.